We understand that the internet has changed the way information is shared, and the use of social media demands that we, as a company, take responsibility for the dissemination of information on such media. As part of our social responsibility effort, we have produced this page to inform and educate the public, our investors, affiliates, and employees about our social media policy.

Because of the widespread use of social media throughout the internet, we cannot guarantee that all communications that appear to be from our company are actually from our company. If the communication does not come from a profile on the following list but appears to be from us, please notify us immediately by contacting us.

You should only accept communications from the following profiles as official company messages:


  • Some of our company employees may have their own social media accounts. Any company employees using their accounts personally are not delivering official company communications.
  • Remember, no one at Lisata Therapeutics will ask you for any personal account access information and you should not share your information with others.
  • We cannot be responsible for how others might use your posts or information on any of our official company social media pages. The servers and companies that run the software referred to as “social media” are not affiliated with Lisata Therapeutics.
  • Lisata Therapeutics is not responsible for the privacy or security policies of social media pages or those of others that might be linked by social media. You should review each of the social media privacy and security statements.
  • Our communication with one another via social media does not change any of the agreements you have with us as a customer, if you are a customer. You should refer to your agreement(s) for the terms and conditions of your account(s) or relationship with us.
  • Lisata Therapeutics reserves the right to delete, remove content, update content, and censor content as per our discretion.
  • • All news releases occur through official distribution channels, and, after they are disseminated on official channels, they may appear on social media, but never before the official release. The date and time of the release on official channels will in all cases precede the posting of any such release on social media.

As an investor, you are encouraged to interact with official company social media pages, but you are not required, nor is it implied in any way that you will receive insider trading information, special consideration, private communications with sensitive company information or otherwise through messaging systems in use on social media.

If you suspect any illegal activity, please notify us immediately by contacting us.

Privacy policy

As part of our outreach program, you may be contacted by official company representatives using our social media pages and asked to connect with us. We do this to ensure that the first communications you receive from us are official communications. Please accept such requests. Please be aware that we actively monitor, search, and may contact you through your public profiles on social media and/or those of our partners, investors, associates as well as the general public as per our discretion. You may willingly provide such information as per your discretion or request. If you do not wish to be contacted via social media, or are not interested in connecting, you may delete the connection request and are not obligated to opt-in on any requests we may send.

We will never share your information, but please be advised that the use of social media is in public space and others may attempt to contact you by looking at such a list where your information may appear.


Lisata Therapeutics uses social media as a communication tool. You may see the following notices on an official page:
“This is an official Lisata Therapeutics {SOCIAL MEDIA TYPE} account. Here you will find company news, official announcements, and topics of conversation as part of our social responsibility campaign and investor outreach program.”

“This is a public – not private – space.
Remember, your messages and posts here are public. It is very important that you do not disclose any information you consider private and confidential in your posts.”

“Lisata Therapeutics will never ask you to submit or disclose account information. Please do not submit or disclose account information or any other confidential or financial information through {SOCIAL MEDIA TYPE}.