Lisata Therapeutics Announces the Launch of its Corporate Website

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Oct 5, 2022

Following many months of careful planning, Lisata Therapeutics is thrilled to announce the launch of its corporate website!

As part of the design process, we sought to create a clean design focused on an intuitive and consistent site-wide navigation to help users easily find their way around the site and locate important information regarding our technology platforms, clinical development programs, active clinical trials, investor information and resources, news and events, etc. We’ve introduced a range of new content to the website, including content related to our CendR Platform™ Technology and our lead product candidate, LSTA1.

Visit to learn more. For any suggestions, questions, and/or comments, please feel free to contact us

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About Lisata Therapeutics

Lisata Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative therapies for the treatment of advanced solid tumors and other major diseases. Lisata’s lead investigational product candidate, LSTA1 (formerly known as CEND-1), is designed to modify the tumor microenvironment by activating a novel uptake pathway that allows anti-cancer drugs to penetrate solid tumors more effectively. LSTA1 actuates an active transport system in a tumor-specific manner, resulting in systemically co-administered anti-cancer drugs more efficiently penetrating and accumulating in the tumor, while normal tissues are not affected. LSTA1 has demonstrated favorable safety, tolerability, and activity in clinical trials to enhance delivery of standard-of-care chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer. Lisata and its collaborators have also amassed significant non-clinical data demonstrating enhanced delivery of a range of emerging anti-cancer therapies, including immunotherapies and RNA-based therapeutics. Lisata is exploring the potential of LSTA1 to enable a variety of treatment modalities to treat a range of solid tumors more effectively. In addition, Lisata also has clinical development programs based on its autologous CD34+ cell therapy technology platform. For more information, please visit